Helen Earth Band

Apparel, Collateral, Identity, Packaging, Web Design

About the Client

Helen Earth Band is an alternative rock band hailing from Southern California, which I (Marc) also not-so-coincidentally happen to play in, so I’ll go ahead and drop this whole third-party perspective thing.

Project Details

Fresh off recording our second album, were were long overdue for a visual identity. To match our sharp and angular audio aesthetic, I came up with a simple, memorable monogram logo with a modern feel. The album packaging concept revolved around the instability we experienced – both mentally and in regard to our lineup – throughout the writing and recording process. The resulting design is charmingly alarming. To round out the project, I created a suite of merchandise for the band’s national tour.


Marc is passionate about his work and about working with fellow artists. He instantly understood what we were after and went straight to work. He provided a strong set of ideas very quickly, and did a great job interpreting our feedback and adding his own constructive opinions and ideas to the mix. He was extremely professional and courteous and made the entire selection and refinement process painless for us.

Trevor Vieweg

Helen Earth Band