Motivation Matters

Collateral, Identity, Stationary

About the Client

Motivation Matters founder Linda Lee, Ph.D. has been molding minds for decades, but she wanted to promote motivation-based mental fitness outside of the public school system.

Project Details

Linda came to us with only a name and her vision. The resulting bird logo mark is the embodiment of her quest to educate – continuously moving forward and upward. The overall design language reflects the company’s modern take on alternative education, including slim business cards that feature a rich satin finish with spot varnish to highlight the soaring motion of the bird mark. Stationery, marketing materials, and a responsive website rounded out the project.


Marc was absolutely critical to the launch of my business. As we worked together, he honed in on my real needs and messages, even when my clarity was lacking. Besides offering designs and a process that ‘nailed it,’ he has his finger on the pulse of what’s current and what works in today’s commercial world. I have found his advice and guidance invaluable! He over-delivers!

Linda A. Lee, Ph.D.

Founder, Motivation Matters