Offbeat Brewing Company

Apparel, Collateral, Identity, Packaging, Signage, Stationary

About the Client

Escondido, California’s Offbeat Brewing Company is a small collective of like-minded people who believe brewing beer is an art form.

Project Details

Embracing the "craft" in craft brewing, we mixed various media and materials to achieve a design language that feels handmade. This rustic design language is integrated carefully into the logo, marketing materials, and tasting room environment. A particularly noteworthy piece, Offbeat’s "tape and stamp" letterpress business cards truly showcase their "crafty" spirit. Prior to the grand opening of Offbeat’s tasting room, Marc had the pleasure of contributing to an enormous undertaking: a 16 x 30-foot mural, along with local SoCal artists Michael McGaugh and Chris Cleary.


Marc’s ability to understand the DNA of a company coupled with his passion for design yield truly spectacular results. Even a project as typically mundane as business card design turned into something exceptional. The result was at once elegant and artisanal, and made a huge impression on our accounts and customers.

Since Offbeat, I have worked with many different branding and marketing firms on other projects, and can honestly say that none have offered the support and skill that I experienced with Marc.

Daniel Reed

Former Media & Marketing Manager, OBC