We Help Your Customers Connect With You

We’ll hone in on what you want to say to your audience and using thoughtful and beautifully executed design, we’ll help communicate that message carefully and consistently at every interaction that they have with your business.

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Our Process


Through a series of in-depth conversations and research, we’ll get to know your business and what sets it apart from your competitors. We’ll discuss the hurdles you’re encountering, talk about where you are now, and where you’d like to be in the future.

Custom Proposal

Next, we’ll sum everything up into a design brief, and establish a plan to help you achieve your business goals through thoughtful design. We’ll put together a proposal that is custom-tailored to your business needs and budget range.


We’ll present design concepts that best fulfill the goals we outlined in the brief, and together we’ll refine to perfection. Finally, we’ll gather up your files into a neat package and store them so you can access your brand’s assets whenever you need them.


Each solution is custom designed to help you achieve your business goals – from basic identity to the whole strategic kit and kaboodle.

We price per project rather than hourly so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be investing upfront and we can focus on the most important aspects of your project. We offer customized package options that accommodate a spectrum of business needs and budgets. Brand identity packages start at $2,500 and vary according to the scope of the project.

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Logo Design

Your logo can be your most powerful marketing tool. A carefully designed logo can communicate a perfectly packaged message to your target audience. It can convey boldness, or elegance. You can communicate things like exclusivity, dependability, fun, and excitement. For your target audience, your logo will act as visual shortcut to your business; a connection that could initiate brand loyalty for life.

Naming & Taglines

Finding the right name can have a large impact on the success of your business. We know which factors are crucial to consider when choosing a name. Let us help you find a memorable name that will allow your business to grow for years to come.

Brand Guidelines

A simple document that details all the working parts of your brand’s visual identity, including logos, colors, type, icons, patterns, etc. By policing the guidelines in this document, you help ensure that anyone who uses any element of your identity (advertising, marketing, publicity, or design professional) does so correctly, ensuring your brand stays memorable in the minds of your target audience.

Business Cards

Your business card might be someone’s first impression of your brand. Having a card design that stands out from the rest will create a memorable impression on the recipient.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Great stationery might just be the extra touch that makes a loyal customer. It’s also a great way to show brand consistency.

Brochures & Catalogs

You’ve worked your ass off to make sure your ducks are in a row. Your products are innovative. Your service is exceptional. It’s time to tell your customers with marketing materials that look as good as your business operates.

Flyers & Posters

Have an event coming up? Oh my god… what if nobody comes? What if you’re the ONLY ONE THERE?! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your marketing collateral grabs attention so nobody’s missing out on your events.


Great design evokes a feeling. We want your customers to feel like they’re ready for another round. Menus are the perfect way to sear your brand into your customer’s mind, just like that perfectly cooked NY strip you’re slingin’ …and like Mama always used to say "The way to your customer’s heart is through her stom… uhh… a memorable brand experience." Or something like that.


Time to get the word out about how awesome you and your business are! We’ll help you craft the perfect message for your audience. *PS, Still looking to fill our on-staff skywriter position so if you know anyone…

Display & Exhibition

Trade shows can be monotonous but strategic design and a professional booth setup can help you stand out from the crowd, instill confidence in your brand, and rope in some of the zombies attendees walking by. And, most definitely get you on the list at all of the convention after-parties, so you’ll be networking like a BOSS!

Apparel Design

Anyone can slap a logo in the top-left of a t-shirt. People want to wear clothes that look cool, or say things that they want to say, right? What if you had awesome designs that your customers want to wear regardless of the branding?! Why not explore unique, trend-forward ways to market your brand with custom apparel?

Product Packaging

Having a great product isn’t always enough. Your packaging can have a significant effect on the perception of your brand. Make sure the quality of your packaging matches the quality of your product!

Website & E-Newsletter Design

Listen, even Clooney has a stylist. The internet is busting at the seams with websites. Seriously, 52,000 new sites have launched since your started reading this. And don’t get me started with the amount of newsletters vying for your attention in your inbox. Let us set you apart from your competition.